My reading list October ’13

These are the books I’m currently reading and have just finished from last month. Every 4th Tuesday we share our nightstands here.


The Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner & Saint
by Nadia Bolz-Weber

My book review here

This spiritual memoir is written by a now Lutheran pastor who came from Church of Christ roots. It’s not for the easily-offended. But it is for the spiritual seeker. I love how she writes with humor and insight. It’s one of those books that I hate to put down.

make-a-differenceMake a Difference
Growth in Leadership
by Dr. Larry Little, Melissa Hambrick-Jackson, David Rupert

My book review here

When I heard my blogging friend David Rupert at Red Letter Believers helped write a book, I knew I had to read it. Good decision! I’m over halfway into it and it’s been fruitful on many levels. Never mistake that you have to be a leader in the corporate world to profit from leadership or business books. I’ll post a review soon.

a-wizard-of-earthseaA Wizard of Earthsea
by Ursula K. Le Guin

This novel is about sorcery and magic and dragons and mages. It was mentioned in a book on Centering Prayer in a chapter about Welcoming Prayer. (Yeah, that’s often how I decide what to read next. You, too?) It’s fine so far (but to be honest, it’s clearly not my favorite genre). I’m hoping it gets more spiritually insightful as it progresses.

glorious-ruinGlorious Ruin
How Suffering Sets You Free
by Tullian Tchividjian

Since this is my month for the spiritual discipline of feeling our pain, this Tchividijian book was a must-read (especially when it came up free for the Kindle). An excellent book for any month! He focuses on the Who in our suffering instead of the why or how.


You'll Get Through ThisYou’ll Get through This
Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times
by Max Lucado

Of course it’s good; it’s Max Lucado. He’s a master storyteller again in this book. He weaves stories about Joseph from Genesis with modern-day stories of others in similar (well, sort of) circumstances, and shows how God’s faithfulness back then is equally trustworthy today.

Transforming_GraceTransforming Grace
Living Confidently in God’s Unfailing Love

by Jerry Bridges

Still slowly working through this one. I don’t want to read it quickly because I want to absorb as much of it as I can. Bridges has a way of reaching down deep into new understandings of grace and the Bible and God. He shows how we want to obey once we understand grace, not the other way around of having to obey first in order to receive grace.


Safe-HouseSafe House
by Chris Ewan

This is a clean novel that’s full of twists and turns and mysteries. Because I don’t read much fiction, I want the novels I do read to be entertaining. And this one was. It kept me reading chapter after chapter and losing track of time. It had a little violence but not too much and not too gruesome.

Im-Not-Gonna-LieI’m Not Gonna Lie
And Other Lies You Tell When You Turn 50
by George Lopez

This was a mixed-bag for me. Parts of it were funny; parts of it were a little sad. It was easy to read and at times I did laugh out loud so overall I’d give it a thumbs-up, but I wouldn’t even think about reading it again. Next time I’ll just watch Lopez on TV.

Grace-EventuallyGrace (Eventually)
Thoughts on Faith
by Anne Lamott

If you already know you like Anne Lamott’s free-flowing writing style, pick up this book. You’ll enjoy it and benefit from it. She does here what she’s good at–telling stories from her life and drawing spiritual implications from them, some easy, some hard, some successful, some failures. I love her honesty and her wit. I don’t agree with all her theological or political opinions, but she’s spot-on in her understanding and application of grace. That’s enough for me.

Walking_in_FreedomWalking in Freedom
A 21-Day Devotional to Help Establish Your Freedom in Christ

by Neil T. Anderson

This devotional contains great truths to remind you of who God is, of who you are because of him, and of how you can walk in freedom because of that in your everyday life. It keeps it short and simple, but it uses lots of scripture so you aren’t short-changed by its brevity.

The-Bible-according-to-PeanutsThe Bible according to Peanuts
by Robert L. Short

Don’t be tempted to think this is just a book of comic strips. While it does contain plenty of those (which reminded me of how insightful a cartoonist Charles Schulz really was!), it also contains great insights into the Bible and our interpretations of it. There were a couple of things included I still need to think more about and study through, but that’s a good thing. I highly recommend this book along with The Gospel according to Peanuts to remind you of God’s greatness and grace.


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What’s a good book you are reading or want to read?


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12 thoughts on “My reading list October ’13

  1. Dianna

    You’ve been a busy lady! I always come to you when I am in need of something to read because I know I can trust your judgment. You do excellent, honest reviews. thanks so much, Lisa.

  2. floyd

    Well, I’m impressed as always and the good news is I’m not getting skunked this time! I actually got and have begun the read Growth in Leadership. I’m also still getting through The Fire Of Delayed Answers and Unfinished. You’re a good influence on me I guess!

  3. Barbara H.

    Can you believe I have never read a Max Lucado book? I should some time.

    I saw a brief clip of a message by Tullian Tchividjian and was intrigued and would like to read him a little more. I have to “make” myself read Christian non-fiction that’s not biography, and when I do I usually benefit from it, so I should more often.

  4. Tonia

    I like your list – Max Lucado is a favorite of mine, I just love his style of weaving heart-felt stories together. I’m a sucker for fantasy stories so I just added A Wizard of Earthsea to my list. So many lovely books!

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