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Every day in October I’m sharing an excerpt from one of my favorite books of faith. Today’s words need to be read carefully. My book review here.

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Excerpt from Quit Going to Church

     I pray for you to quit going to church . . . and start being the church.

     I pray you will quit saying your prayers . . . and make it a habit instead to keep company with God.

     I pray you will quit sharing your faith . . . and share your life.

     I pray for you to quit tithing and replace the “ten percent way” of the law with the “hundred percent way” of Jesus.

     I pray that you will quit volunteering . . . and start exercising your gifts with greater effectiveness and enjoyment in God’s service.

     I pray that you will quit being nice . . . and be real instead.

     I pray for you to quit fellowshipping and start partying.

     I pray that you will give up all attempts to be good and instead focus on one thing—the better thing—of daily dwelling in Jesus’ presence.

    I pray that you will quit enjoying worship and inspiring yourself in worship . . . and instead focus your worship on making God happy.

     And, finally, I pray that you will quit camping out in the center of God’s will and instead be courageous and full of faith, boldly embracing uncertainty and trusting God for the results.

– Bob Hostetler

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4 thoughts on “Quit going to church

  1. Mia

    Dear Lisa
    I cannot agree more. We cannot “go” to church when we ourselves ARE the church. I would love to read this book. I have never before heard of this author or this book!
    Blessings XX

    1. Lisa notes...

      I know you would love it, Mia. It’s just full of page after page of these kind of “radical” ideas. I saw a t-shirt Saturday that you also would love: “The church has left the building.” I need to find one of those. Being the hands and feet of God to everyone we meet–that’s a true mission.

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