Put Your Shoes On – Be Ready to Bring Peace

You have a word from the Lord: Peace. You’re meant to carry this message of hope to others.

Are your shoes on?

Are Your Shoes On? Carry Peace

Are You a Shoe Girl?

First, she looks for her own shoes. She brings them to me to help her put them on. Then, she looks for my shoes.

I know what that means. She’s preparing to go somewhere. And wants me to go with her.

My granddaughter is not even two yet, but I already know she’s a shoe girl. Glittery shoes. Rain boots. Sandals. It doesn’t matter. She knows they are her ticket to go, go, go. And she wants me to be ready to go, too.

Others need us to be ready to go, too. The world needs something we have.

Are we ready to give it?

How can you give peace to those around you today?


* * *

We’re looking at each piece of the armor of God in our September series at Do Not Depart.

Will you join me there to talk about peace?

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