On the Blog – October 2017

Summaries and links to blog posts for October 2017

  • Six Books I Recommend – October 2017 (10/30)
    Recommended reading from books I finished in October 2017
  • Create More Finish Lines {Mark the Moment Series, #3} (10/25)
    By creating more finish lines, we increase our moments of accomplishment and opportunities to celebrate. Part 3 of Mark the Moment Series.
  • 3 Ways to Listen So People Will Talk (10/23)
    Do you know how to listen so people will talk? 3 ways to quiet down so we can hear the hearts of others. Review of Becky Harling’s new book.
  • How to Enhance an Experience {Mark the Moment Series, #2} (10/18)
    How can you make a special experience even more memorable? See how to elevate an experience from The Power of Moments. Part 2 of Mark the Moment Series.
  • Do You Know Me? (10/16)
    Why do you look familiar? God plants himself in each of us. We are all family here.
  • We’re All Messy – Book Review Of Mess and Moxie (10/13)
    We’re all a mess. That’s okay. For a mix of both funny and serious, read Jen Hatmaker’s Of Mess and Moxie.
  • How to Mark the Moment {Series Intro #1} (10/11)
    One defining moment can change everything. We don’t have to wait for them to happen. Create your own. Quotes from The Power of Moments.
  • Just Say You’re Sorry (10/9)
    When Julie said, “I’m sorry” to Anna, I saw Jesus in her. I want to see more of Jesus in me. Maybe I need to say “I’m sorry” more often, too.
  • Hurricanes R Us – Adventures in Florida (10/4)
    They were waiting for Irma, an expected but unwanted visitor. Two weeks later, more strangers show up. Now we’re family.
  • Links, Books, and Things I Love – October 2017 (10/2)
    Links and pictures of articles, books, and things I love for October 2017

2 thoughts on “On the Blog – October 2017

  1. floyd

    Big month, Lisa. As I read through your month of posts, it hit me how many of them are rooted in humility, even other than the ones we’d already discussed.

    I’m still convinced it is the most beautiful trait a person can possess in this life.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I agree, Floyd. Humility is vastly underrated. I could spend the rest of my life focusing only on imitating the humility of Christ and discover that everything else would fall into place as a result. Now to DO it and not just think about it.

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