Not perfecting the words: The Word perfecting me


I decided last night I would skip my workout this morning. I would be too rushed to do it well.   

But when I woke up early, I decided, “Well, I do have time for just a little.”  The minimum.

Because a little is better than none.

Sometimes a little turns into more. Sometimes it stays just a little. Either way, even a little can be good.

I apply the same principle to Bible memory work. My full routine includes reviewing one page of older individual verses, reciting one chapter previously learned, and adding two verses of a new chapter. But sometimes I either lack time for all of that, or honestly, I just don’t want to do it all.

So I do just a little instead. The minimum.

Sometimes little grows into big. Sometimes not. But a little is still better than none. And even a little can be good.

The memory work might turn into simply reading the verses instead. No testing of memory at all. Or I may review only a few, lingering on one or two, letting those soak.

That’s okay.

Just as the goal of my physical workout isn’t to check off a list—it’s to stay healthy—so the goal of memory work isn’t to check off a list either — it’s to stay spiritually healthy.


It’s not about me perfecting the words.
It’s about the Word perfecting me.

So I keep plugging away at my memory verses and chapters, a little at a time. Progress is sometimes hard to measure, and success, harder still.

But through at least a little, the door remains open for God to do a lot.

My physical workout this morning ended up fine. My memory work today? I haven’t begun yet. I don’t really have time and I don’t really feel like it.

But I think I’ll do at least a little . . .

* * *

I apply this principle to housework, too. [FlyLady, anyone?]

What do you convince yourself to do “just a little” versus none at all?

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11 thoughts on “Not perfecting the words: The Word perfecting me

  1. Caroline

    So glad you shared this, Lisa. I think that, too. Even if I’m not memorizing something new (like I want to be), reviewing what I have memorized helps so much. And, yes, that approach does at least *help* with housework, doesn’t it? Good point. (And I’m trying to train my kids that way. Haha.)

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      For better or worse, I have to use this approach for many things (like setting up this new blog, ha). But thankfully for most things it’s okay. 🙂 Letting of being a perfectionist is hard, but substituting it for the grace of Christ is the best incentive ever!

  2. Dianna

    A good reminder that doing a little is better than doing none. I’m working on the same type of system with my memory work for the Classics and then reviewing Psalm 71. A couple of other areas I am applying that same strategy in are in the realm of strengthening my physical muscles through exercises designed specifically for people with fibromyalgia and the other is my housework. I got my jump start with Fly Lady shortly after I had been diagnosed with the fibro back in 2004. It is a plan that really works for me because it enables me to see goals accomplished that otherwise would go undone. And…everyone can do something for just 15 minutes, right? 😉

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      “everyone can do something for just 15 minutes, right?”
      That philosophy has helped me get more done than probably anything else. 🙂 I do better knowing that I don’t have to spend a ton of time on something, but then I usually go over the 15 minutes anyway. ha.

      I still have Psalm 71 taped to my shower wall so I can see it everyday. It was a harder chapter to get to stick with me, especially toward the end, but I love still getting to read it over and over and discover new ways God is revealing himself to me through it.

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    1. Lisa notes...

      Yes, the principle of “at least a little” definitely can be applied to many things. It’s one way I get books read: I try to read 10 pages a day, and even with that small amount, I eventually get through all the pages. 🙂

  4. Jenni K

    thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some “love” 🙂 it’s always encouraging to know that someone besides myself needs to learn to let go! LOVE this reminder, too. I often get so overwhelmed and think “I don’t have time” but this is a great reminder that even a little goes a long ways! I need to remember that more often and just do “a little bit” and see where God takes that!

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