Missing Something? 5 Steps to Find It

Maybe you misplace your glasses occasionally. Or your cell phone goes missing. Or you can’t find your car keys on your way out the door.

When we can’t find something we need, we get stressed.

Jesus knows this about us, that we lose things and get anxious about it. And not just physical things, but things like peace and joy and rest.

So he told stories about the lost and found.

Find 5 things we can learn from his parable about the Lost Coin.

Read it all here – 5 Steps to Find What’s Missing

5 Steps to Find What's Missing - Lost Coin

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Will you join me at Do Not Depart for the rest of the story?

2 thoughts on “Missing Something? 5 Steps to Find It

  1. Horace Williams Jr.

    I just wanted to return here and let you know how much I enjoyed this post, Lisa. I too have a pair of glasses that I cannot afford to lose. I love your tie in with the lost coin. Beautifully written article. Clearing the clutter is critical for me. As I sit down to finish my next book, I remove things that have accumulated on my desk but are not needed to complete my chapter that day. I turn on my LED light say a prayer and ask God for wisdom to help me articulate what He has revealed to me. I’m sure He has as much joy as myself when I complete my writing for that day. There is so much wisdom in this article. Thank you for sharing these insights based on Biblical truths, Have a fantastic weekend and may God continue to bless you and yours.

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