Links, books, and other things I love – September 2015




  • My childhood home is now officially sold. No longer ours. The new family wanted a history of the house, so we compiled memories and made this little book for them (and for us).


  • But before we turned over the keys, we got in a few more visits.
    My 4 Corners bestie, Kathy, wanted one last look.kathy-lisa
      And my sister Sandy and I needed one last sit on the front steps.




  • Our newest Bible memory challenge—Isaiah 12:1-6—is about to begin! Get the details if you’re interested.Register-now-Isaiah-12
  • 31 Days, a writing challenge every day in October, is about to begin.
    I’ve plotted an outline but haven’t written anything yet. Previous years I’ve written 31 Quotes of Grace – 2014, 31 Days of Book Quotes – 2013, 31 Days of Grace – 2012. And if you’re interested, How to make a link-up button with PicMonkey.
  • AU Football is back! Jeff and I are going to the opener this weekend to celebrate our 23rd anniversary.louisville-vs-auburn

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What are you looking forward to this month? Please share in the comments.

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18 thoughts on “Links, books, and other things I love – September 2015

  1. Linda Stoll

    Gee, I’m not sure about 31 Days this year, Lisa. Did two years, skipped last year, didn’t miss it at all.

    Loved it when I did it, but don’t know if I’ve got it in me right about now.

    I’m thinking not …

    This is what writing at 10 pm looks like!


    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I agree with you, Linda, that this may not be the year for you to do 31 Days again. It’ll be there again next year if life has slowed down for you by then. Recuperate, my friend.

  2. Bill (cycleguy)

    We have quite a month of starts with the church. Starting our Sunday night youth program for the school year. I am starting up my Route 66 Wednesday night class. I’ll be starting with Deb’s “Faith ‘n Friends this month. I AM NOT looking forward to the creeping Fall weather which will play havoc with my cycling and include wearing more clothing. I AM looking forward to slowing down some and getting more reading done which I have set aside during these busy summer months.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Fall can be such a busy time, getting back in the groove of back-to-school stuff. It definitely picked up for me this year helping my daughter get ready to teach. Sounds like your church has some interesting things going on. Awesome. Enjoy these last waning days of summer weather on your bike!

  3. David

    Dear Lisa

    Nice round-up 🙂 Faitheist just arrived this morning, so I’m looking forward to reading that. I notice the blurb says the author is a “humanist chaplain” so I might not have to read it under the covers.

    “31 days” is tempting — you pick a topic and write on it every day. That could get quite intense (especially the topics I’d likely choose LOL). Is the idea to improvise, to actually do the writing on the day? Can your posts be very very short?


    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I’m guessing Faitheist will be an interesting read for you; it was for me. I enjoy hearing about other people’s experiences and how those experiences have influenced their faith (or lack of faith). No undercover reading of this book for you. ha.

      31 Days is whatever you want it to be! Short, long, every day, sporadic. We all start out with good intentions of doing 31 straight days, but it doesn’t always work out that way and it’s no big deal. It’s good motivation though to consistently “post” for 31 days straight (no, you don’t have to write each post fresh each day). I actually meant to have several posts already written by now to publish in October, but I got involved in other things instead. ha. Maybe next week I’ll get a jump start on it?

  4. Barbara H.

    I’m still thinking about 31 Days. I knew it would have to be shorter/easier than what I have done the last two years if I was going to do it. Have been thinking of 31 Days of Elisabeth Elliot quotes since I have tons on file, but I am wondering if others might since she just passed away recently. I don’t suppose it would hurt even if that’s the case as we’d have different readers.

    I can relate to the introversion picture. 🙂

    That little booklet about your home is such a neat idea. I’m glad you made a copy for yourselves, too.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I love your idea of Elisabeth Elliot quotes! Even if someone else does it, it won’t be the same quotes you will choose. I did quotes last year and it was such fun to look back through books to pick out sentences here and there. (It took a little longer than I anticipated though–of course. ha.)

  5. floyd

    Wow! That’s not a small amount of information! I can see by your reading list that you still haven’t read the one from Dikkon Eberhart… (this might be the only book in the world I’ve read that you haven’t… and yeah, I’m looking for any edge I can get).

    That is really awesome that the folks buying your old house asked for that. That had to be a blessing for you in the process of doing the work and having as a memento.

    Heading to CA next week for a few days… might even get some writing done… for a change.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      You’re always ahead of me, Floyd. 🙂 I have the sample for The Time Hitler Mom Met Hitler on my Kindle so hopefully I’ll scroll around to at least the sample soon. Yes, we were thrilled that the people buying the house actually cared enough to ask for its story. And yes, it was a double blessing for me to get to compile it! So many memories over the years. Enjoy CA–and get some writing done for all of us! I’m heading to Atlanta and I hope not to write any. 🙂

  6. Betsy De Cruz

    Hi there Lisa. I enjoyed reading your August round up. Sounds like you got a good chance to say goodbye to your house. I’mean looking forward to establishing a good writing routine this month! Blessings!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Thanks, Betsy. We definitely had a full good-bye to our house for a job well-done. We may have actually even overdone it. ha. I’m sure our FB friends thought so anyway. 🙂 I hope you’ll get in a great writing groove this month. I haven’t found my groove yet, but once the Isaiah 12 prep works settles down, I want to concentrate more on 31 Days writing.

  7. Lindsay Lea

    How COOL that you wrote a book with memories about your childhood home! I hope you saved a copy for yourself!! We seem to have similar interests in books…I may have to check out a few of your recommended reads!

    I wasn’t sure if I would do 31 days this year, after a couple of stressful rounds the last two years. But I’m not working this year, and my topic sort of landed in my lap, so I couldn’t say no! Excited to unveil 31 Days of Real Food for Busy People!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Yes, I printed out a copy of the book for myself and my three siblings. Then did a color digital version for all the grandkids with a LOT more pictures in it than the version we gave to the family buying the house. Didn’t want to bore them too terribly. ha. Your 31 Days topic sounds like it will be a winner! That topic will interest lots of us.

  8. Jean Wise

    Love this list! Never seen that one second video before. How cool What am I looking forward to? We are going to spend a week at the Outer Banks mid September. as long as no hurricane comes days of sun, beach, reading and relaxing with friends sounds heavenly to me. That pin for introverts is sooooooo correct too. I could really identify. Have a great weekend, Lisa!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Oh, you’re making me jealous, Jean. ha. I was supposed to be at the beach last week with Jeff on a business trip, but it got cancelled. It worked out fine because there was a lot I wanted to be home for last week, but I’ve still got beach fever left unsatisfied now. 😉 Enjoy the Outer Banks for both of us!

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