Jesus IS the kingdom


Excerpt from Speaking of Jesus:

We’re aware of Jesus, but we are obsessed with Christianity.

We’re stuck on its requirements and we’re defined by its doctrines, caught in an endless struggle to find out where we fit, if we’ve ‘arrived’ yet, and if we’re doing it right. We struggle with sin, and yet, because of the boundaries, we’re forced to decide between being honest about our feelings and hiding for fear we’ll be judged.

In this state, we’re not living in the grace of Jesus. We’re trying to maintain our membership.

With Christianity, there’s always the question ‘Am I good enough?’ Whereas Jesus announced that He was present for those who needed Him, as a physician for the ill and wounded, within the church, we often feel the need to conform–to fit all of life’s questions and struggles into a system of answers. . . .

Jesus didn’t come to build a kingdom. He brought one with Him.

He is the kingdom.

He is the entry point to it. Look at the tense of Jesus’ message: By saying ‘the kingdom of heaven is at hand’ (Matt. 3:2 NKJV), He was saying that the kingdom of heaven is available now.

Because He spoke in the outlying regions, not from the pulpit of the temple, He spread this good news to people who were never likely to get within touching distance of an altar. ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand,’ He would say. No doubt heads turned, whispers abounded. ‘Where? Do you see it?’

Wherever He went, the pained and lost people He met followed Him. Jesus’ gospel was that He was the kingdom of heaven, with an easy and light yoke. He was available, and He was compassionate.”

– Carl Medearis


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5 thoughts on “Jesus IS the kingdom

  1. Dianna

    These words, ““We’re aware of Jesus, but we are obsessed with Christianity.” are so true! Seeing a Christian trying to “fit in” is so sad. May we learn to to accept people right where they are, as Jesus did. May He come and find us spreading around that beautiful grace that He extended to us!

  2. Dolly@Soulstops

    What a great reminder…Jesus is the Kingdom and He came to be our entry into God’s Kingdom…so hard to grasp what a gift of grace it is that He came to and for us because we could never go to Him in our sinful state…blessings to you 🙂

  3. David

    Yes, I like this.

    I had always interpreted Matt. 3:2 to mean something like “Heaven is what is here now (rather than what is to come after)”. Jesus Himself as the Kingdom is better. Our goal is the Kingdom — to be like Him.

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