It’s Okay to Be Sad, Christians

It’s okay to be sad, Christians.⁣

How am I? I’m grieving. I’m anxious. I’m conflicted. And yes, I’m still Christian.⁣

Sometimes we have a false expectation that believers in Christ aren’t supposed to be sad when bad things happen. We are the ones with reasons to hope, to have unspeakable joy, to have peace that passes understanding. Yes.⁣

But we’re also the ones, like all human beings, to grieve with those who are grieving. Even if we and our families haven’t had a loss yet.⁣

Right now our whole world is in pain. Many have suffered unbearable losses on every front. So while I remain grateful to God for my personal blessings and I have faith that things will improve again in the future, right now I am sad.⁣

I’m sad for those who have lost income. I’m sad for kids who aren’t safe at home. I’m sad for those awaiting test results. I’m sad for those alone in a hospital room (and for those who want to be with them but aren’t allowed). I’m sad for those who have already lost someone to death that they weren’t supposed to lose yet. On and on and on.⁣

Being sad doesn’t mean I have no faith. Being sad doesn’t mean I have no joy. Being sad doesn’t mean I have no hope.⁣

Being sad doesn’t mean I’m not a Christian.⁣

It just means I’m sad.⁣

That’s okay. That’s normal. That’s human.⁣

That’s Christian, too.

it's okay to feel sad, christians

15 thoughts on “It’s Okay to Be Sad, Christians

  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Yes, being sad’s OK,
    but don’t let things grind you own,
    for there will come a brighter day
    with no more need to frown.
    Yes, this is a time to weep
    for all that has been lost,
    but please don’t let your sorrow keep
    you from knowing that the cost
    of the Grace that’s yours and mine
    was paid in full, in pain,
    and the empty tomb is now a shrine,
    for death could not remain
    sovereign on the bloody earth
    in the face of Life’s rebirth.

  2. bill (cycleguy)

    Agree Lisa. I get so tired of the health/wealth false teachers (I wonder what they are saying now) who say Christians should be healthy and wealthy. We can be sad but no fearful or fear-filled. God has this in control and it will ultimately end when He says it is time to end. Denying we are sad or at loose ends is unbiblical. As one of your commentors said, “Jesus wept.”

  3. Mary Geisen

    I agree with what you are saying. There are expectations that we take on or others put on us because we are Christian. We are human and we do feel sad, anxious, and all the other emotions that everyone else feels.

  4. Jean Wise

    As a three it is so hard to name our feelings. I actually started to feel better once I said to someone else. I am sad. I fully knew I was sad. I was grieving. And it was freeing. Still crazy ups and downs but it just feels right.

  5. Pam Ecrement

    Agreed, Lisa!♥️ I doubt honesty if someone says they are not experiencing loss, grief, concern, and uncertainty. They are not exclusive of hope as we look to Christ. It doesn’t take much Bible reading to see how many expressed those feelings and still did not lose hope.

  6. Karen Friday

    I love this so much, Lisa. Thanks for reminding us it’s OK to be sad as a believer, it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with us, that we have lost our trust in the Lord or put our faith aside for the moment. We see many palmists lament over many things and cry countless tears while calling out to the Lord.

  7. Laurie

    Oh, beautiful post, Lisa. Yes, we are Christians but we are human too. Of course, we feel sadness and grief during these terrible times. Thank you for giving us “permission” and reminding us that being sad is normal!

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