Is Your Brain Healthy? Reviews of “Memory Rescue” and “Stones of Remembrance”

“Fall in love with your brain. It runs everything in your life.”
– Dr. Daniel G. Amen

Book 1

Memory Rescue: Supercharge Your Brain, Reverse Memory Loss, and Remember What Matters Most
by Dr. Daniel G. Amen


Do you take care of your brain like you do other parts of your body?

This new book, Memory Rescue, by Dr. Daniel G. Amen focuses on the why and how of brain care. By using the acronym BRIGHT MINDS, Dr. Amen takes us chapter by chapter on a journey of caring for the most important part of our bodies—our brains.

  • B – Blood Flow
  • R – Retirement/Aging
  • I – Inflammation
  • G – Genetics
  • H – Head Trauma
  • T – Toxins
  • M – Mental Health
  • I – Immunity/Infection Issues
  • N – Neurohormone Deficiencies
  • D – Diabesity (diabetes, prediabetes, and obesity)
  • S – Sleep Issues

“When I don’t feel like exercising or eating right, I ask myself, Which brain do you want? An old or a young one?”

I admit the information overload in this book can be overwhelming. There are so many things we can do wrong for our brains, but also so many things we can do right. I appreciate Amen’s recommendation at the end of each chapter to just choose one thing to do for now.

“Meditation and prayer are my two favorite things to combat stress. It only takes a few minutes. While prayer is addressed to God, loving-kindness meditation is first practiced toward yourself and then toward other people. If you have difficulty loving yourself, it will be harder to be loving and compassionate toward others.”

Because my mother died of Alzheimer’s disease, I’m keenly aware of my memory capacity, and am fearful anytime I see even a normal lapse in my own memory. Books like this one help me to at least work toward controlling the things I can.

PLUS . . .

Book 2

Stones of Remembrance: Healing Scriptures for Your Mind, Body, and Soul
by Dr. Daniel G. Amen


In addition to Memory Rescue, Dr. Amen has also published a companion book, Stones of Remembrance.

This book is a great resource for enhancing the spiritual side of your brain.

“Next to your salvation, your memory may be the most incredible gift you’ve been given. Take care of it. Challenge it. Strengthen it. Most of all, treasure it. God does. And so should you.”

Part 1 includes twelve spiritual disciplines for improving your memory, such as:

  • Rest
  • Meditation and Prayer
  • Meaningful Work
  • New Learning
  • Socialization
  • and more.

Part 2 lists twelve Bible verses to remember when you are anxious, are grateful, are depressed, etc. And Part 3 recommends twelve verses every Christian should know.

The Appendix includes tips for memorizing scripture, healthy snacks for boosting your memory, and easy exercises to help improve your memory.

Between these two books, your brain will have a lot to think about and your body to do.

“As we recall God’s faithfulness, we remain centered and growing, and we move forward with a sense of purpose. . . . Memory assures us that our personal history and experiences matter—that we have something valuable to teach the generations to come.

This is the way God designed our minds to work—to remember.”

* * *

My thanks to Tyndale House Publishers
for the review copies of these books

2 thoughts on “Is Your Brain Healthy? Reviews of “Memory Rescue” and “Stones of Remembrance”

  1. floyd

    I’m with Andrew. I too have had a ton of concussions and this sounds like an interesting read. I also agree with the part, my paraphrase, “You are what you eat”. Some of the best advice in life came from people with experience and a memory to pass it on.

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