What It’s Like to Be the Investigator, the Enneagram 5


Unless you’re my daughter or husband, I don’t want to answer your phone call. Don’t take it personally.

When I do answer, know it takes great intention and energy on my part. It costs me.

I’m secretly hoping you can just text or email next time.

This is what it’s like being a Five.

Enneagram 5s want you to know

See the rest of the post here . . .“My Life as the Investigator”

I’m writing today at Mary Geissen’s Enneagram series, “EnneaWhat???”

Will you join me there?

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2 thoughts on “What It’s Like to Be the Investigator, the Enneagram 5

  1. Ginger Harrington

    Hi Lisa, how are you? So great to visit your blog again. I’ve been out of the loop with a lot of editing work the past few years. Learning more about Ennegram is one of my goals during this stay-at-home-time. Blessings to you and your family!

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