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I Can’t Decide

I’m not at my best these days. It’s hard to stay focused. Even small decisions can feel big, like life-and-death.

  • Should I go to the grocery store tomorrow, or can I wait a few more days?
  • Is it safe to get take-out food for supper tonight?
  • Should I volunteer to distribute food at our food pantry, even within CDC guidelines?

The answers aren’t always clear. There’s not always a definite right or wrong.

So what do we do?

Our Featured Post

Debbie Wilson offers four suggestions for us in our featured post this week, “4 Practical Tips for When You Can’t Decide.”

Debbie’s decision involved her new puppy. He began limping. The vet recommended expensive surgery.

It would be costly and these are uncertain economic times. The breeder offered to do a puppy switch instead.

What should she do?

Read Debbie’s post to see how she’s walking through the decision process, and how you can walk through yours.

My decisions? I chose to:

  • Wait.
    Go to the store next week when my list builds up more.
  • Yes.
    Get the takeout food and support the restaurant, but dispose of the wrappings and wash our hands thoroughly back at home.
  • No.
    Let the younger volunteers fill in the gap now. I can volunteer again in a few weeks.

Thank you, Debbie.

And thank you, God.

“The pressure to make the perfect decision is paralyzing. How can we make the right decision when we don’t know everything? Only God has all knowledge. However, we can trust that He will reward those who seek Him, and that provides precious peace of mind (Heb. 11:6).”
– Debbie Wilson

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How is your decision-making skill these days? What helps you decide? Please share your thoughts in the comments

11 thoughts on “If You Can’t Decide, Try This – Grace & Truth Link-Up

  1. Linda Stoll

    Thanks for these little guidelines during this unsettling season! I’m finding that even though I’m choosing to lay low, there are still simple ways to reach out and encourage others.

  2. BettieG

    Thanks for sharing these comforting thoughts today, Lisa, and Debbie. It really is such a help when we can pause and remember that our Lord wants to help us to follow Him! I can so easily feel that pressure too, that it’s all up to me to make the right choice. But GRACE covers us, even in our decisions. Blessings to you both, and prayers for your puppy, Debbie!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I’m so very grateful for this too, Bettie: “But GRACE covers us, even in our decisions.” Even when we take a wrong step, the Lord can still redeem our path.

  3. Dolly at Soulstops


    Psalm 32:8 reminds that God will guide me as I stay close to Him and seek His face and will. It was a test of my trust in God to begin blogging again, for reasons I won’t go into here…each day I seek God for wisdom because I definitely don’t have the wisdom I need to deal with each day.

    Blessings to you and thanks for hosting.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I’m so glad you are blogging again, Dolly. I missed your words and your heart. We all need the wisdom of the Lord. It helps when we listen for it together.

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