If grace could be bought, it wouldn’t be grace


Excerpt from The Attributes of God:

Divine grace is the sovereign and saving favor of God exercised in the bestowment of blessings upon those who have no merit in them and for which no compensation is demanded from them.

Nay, more; it is the favor of God shown to those who not only have no positive deserts of their own, but who are thoroughly ill-deserving and hell-deserving.

It is completely unmerited and unsought, and is altogether unattracted by anything in or from or by the objects upon which it is bestowed.

Grace can neither be bought, earned, nor won by the creature. If it could be, it would cease to be grace.

When a thing is said to be of ‘grace’ we mean that the recipient has no claim upon it, that it was in nowise due him. It comes to him as pure charity.”

– Arthur W. Pink

Attributes of God_Arthur W. Pink

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Every day in October I’m sharing a short quote on grace from a favorite book.


3 thoughts on “If grace could be bought, it wouldn’t be grace

  1. Barbara H.

    I am trying to think whether I have ever read this. I don’t think I have read anything of Pink’s – I may be getting this mixed up with a book of Tozer’s. But I am thankful for God’s pure charity towards us.

  2. Sharon

    Sometimes I think I take grace for granted. I forget what a wonderful gift it is, and what it cost Jesus to bestow it. Praise His name, the favor of God shines on me!


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