How can we be brave?


I’m not brave by nature. But often I need to be.

The world needs our courage.

  • It needs us to speak up for the powerless.
  • It needs us to create peace in chaotic places.
  • It needs us to love those who don’t love back.

How can we be brave?

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2 thoughts on “How can we be brave?

  1. Loren Pinilis

    For me courage often takes the form of trusting God to meet the needs of my family when I serve him as opposed to feeling the need to work, work, work to lay up treasures on this earth. That’s a challenge for me.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      That’s a challenge for so many of us, Loren. I appreciate your honesty. Just today I was unable to help a friend in a situation; I just had to trust that God had it and would take care of it all through another avenue. He doesn’t have to have me; I just sometimes get to be used by him.

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