Great & Small Prayers for Babies – Book Review

Since I’m back in the market for baby books—and my favorites have peek-a-boo flaps like this one—I’m glad I found Great and Small Prayers for Babies. It is a sweet board book that’s small enough for little hands to hold, but large enough font for Granna to read without her glasses.

Never too young for thank you

The hand-drawn illustrations by Anna Abramskaya are my favorite kind: one major uncluttered element per page for focus (in this case, an animal) but a few small details sprinkled in for when you want to linger and chat about the extras.

But the words are still what matter the most to me, even in children’s books. They don’t have to be many (actually, they should NOT be many). So I was pleased that Pamela Kennedy kept it simple in this little board book, thanking God for friends, flowers, birds, and more.

No one is too young to learn “thank you.”

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My thanks to B&H/LifeWay Bloggers
for the review copy of this book


8 thoughts on “Great & Small Prayers for Babies – Book Review

  1. Lynn D. Morrissey

    Oh thank you. I’m always looking for good baby books; they make wonderful shower gifts. This sounds wonderful. Also, along your ideas of few words, wordless books, beautifully art-and-imagination driven are a lovely option.

    Love your reviews. Love you!
    Thanks, Lisa!

  2. Trudy

    I love those peek-a-boo flap books, Lisa. My kids and then my grandkids did, too. 🙂 I miss that cuddling with a book with the little ones. We’re having a baby shower on Saturday for one of my grand-daughters who is expecting our fifth great-grandchild. Her sister, in the invitation, requested a book with a sweet message in it instead of a card. I love that idea. I kind of wish I had known about this book. Or about Holley Gerth’s new children’s book. But I will keep them in mind! I got a “Guess How Much I Love You” board book. It’s not a peek-a-boo book, but it’s a message every child should hear. 🙂 If I remember right, you’re expecting your second grandchild? Treasure those special times, as I know you will. The grow up far too quickly! Love and blessings to you!

  3. floyd

    I love little kids books! Some of my best memories are with my kids on my lap reading. And now, like you, I get to do it again with the next generation… What a gift!

  4. Beth Steffaniak

    Love, love, love this, Lisa! My son and daughter-in-law read to and collect all sorts of books for my grandson, Samson. They are book lovers themselves, so they want to instill this love in their son, much to my joy! They also love reading written prayers for themselves, so I’m sure this book would be one they would gladly include in Samson’s library! Thanks for sharing about this gem! Hugs to you!

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