G – Grandparents and God {26 Surprising Ways to Encounter God, A-Z}

“Grandmas don’t just say ‘that’s nice’ — they reel back and roll their eyes and throw up their hands and smile. You get your money’s worth out of grandmas.”
– Author Unknown



What do (or did) you call your grandparents? Were you close to them? Do you look like them?

On my mom’s side, we called them Grandma and Granddaddy. On my dad’s side was Mamaw and Papaw. We used to spend a week every summer with them in Mississippi. We’d make mudpies, spend money when the peddler came, and go on the mail route with Granddaddy.

But we didn’t choose them. None of us get to choose our family heritage.

Sometimes we thank God for how he worked it out anyway. But sometimes we don’t.

Whether you come from good seed or bad apples, God has planned for you to discover him through your family.

Try This

Think for a few minutes about what your previous generations taught you about God.

  • What did they get right about God?
  • What did they get wrong?
  • Who taught you the most about God’s love?

Ask God for clarity in how you are to teach the generations coming behind you.

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Who is your oldest living relative? Who has passed on that you miss the most? Which relative taught you the most about God? Please share in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “G – Grandparents and God {26 Surprising Ways to Encounter God, A-Z}

  1. Pam

    All so true! One set of my grandparents died when I was a baby and I never knew them. The other grandma died by the age of 8 so all the way around I didn’t have the rich memories so many have, but I watched my own parents do a fabulous job with my children and now with six grandchildren of my own I try to make great memories all the time. They are all hundreds of miles from us so it requires creativity and a lot more travel road trips on as many weekends as we can manage.

  2. BettieG

    This is so timely for me as Grandbaby #6 is due to arrive this Monday! Interestingly the Grandparent that taught me the most about God died before I was born. But I heard so many stories about her as I was growing up, how much she loved Jesus, and what a prayer warrior she was, that I hope to leave a legacy of Faith for my own Grandchildren now too. Thanks for these good thoughts for today!

  3. floyd

    I called mine on both sides what you called your dad’s side. They were colorful characters… they all taught me something. All mine were “God fearing”, just some more than others. Gave me a lot of writing material.

  4. Michele Morin

    I really only have memories of one grandparent. We lived with here when I was growing up, and although she was not a follower of Jesus until the last days of her life, she encouraged me to memorize Scripture — along with long lists of spelling words.
    Thanks, Lisa, for this warm and wonderful post!

  5. Carol Longenecker Hiestand

    Being a grandmother — the best. I think the relative I miss most is my Dad. He taught me the combination that God has – strength and love – he didn’t do it perfectly, but then no dad does. I am grateful

    visiting from Give me Grace Community.

  6. June

    Both my grandfathers passed away before I was born. My Dad’s mother, whom we called Grandma Post, lived with us. I remember her as a grand Lady who was respected by everyone who knew her. Sadly, I can’t remember her ever speaking about her faith. But that was the way of that generation (she was born in 1903). My mother’s mother was Nana and lived very close to us. She didn’t talk much about her faith either, but she lived it! Looking back, I can see her influence in nearly every aspect of my life. I can’t recall her ever saying an ill word against anyone. Even those people she didn’t like, she’d find something respectful to say about them. I wish all children had the opportunity to have the influence of Godly grandparents in their lives. Thanks for the opportunity to share old memories, Lisa! Have a blessed day!

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