Find Your One Word’s Twin and Opposite
{One Word 2023 March Linkup}

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Twins and Opposites

Let’s take a closer look at your One Word for any hidden jewels. Here are three suggestions to try.

Look up your word in the dictionary. Does it have more than one meaning? How many of its meanings are you using for your practice this year? Which meaning is most applicable to you?

My answer:

For my word HUMAN, I expected these definitions:
1. (noun) person
2. (adjective) relating to mankind: human nature
3. (adjective) having the attributes of man as opposed to animals, divine beings, or machines

But I didn’t expect this one:
4. (adjective) a. kind or considerate, b. natural

I like #4 the best for my practice.

List some of your word’s synonyms. If you had to choose one of these as a backup word for this year, which would you choose? Why?

My answer:

Some synonyms for HUMAN are:
mortal; personal; biped; individual; civilized; fallible; fleshly; forgiveable; vulnerable.

Forgiveable? True, but I wouldn’t have expected it on the list.

If I had to choose one as my backup word, I’d choose vulnerable. That’s how being a human feels to me. 

List some of your word’s antonyms. Seeing what your word does NOT mean might help you understand what it does mean. Any insights from its opposite?

My answer:

Antonyms for HUMAN include:
noncivilized, merciless, inhuman, abstract, inanimate, immortal, nonentity, plant.

The most surprising to me? Merciless. I count it as a compliment to us humans that merciless is an opposite.

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9 thoughts on “Find Your One Word’s Twin and Opposite
{One Word 2023 March Linkup}

  1. Lynn D. Morrissey

    Lisa, I love this excercise, and hope to complete. I am soooo dizzy. started taking a new med today, and even a micro-dose (of lowest possible dose of 10 mg… so far less than that, even!) has my head spinning. But I love the exercise. I keep seeing HUMAN everywhere, so applying YOUR word to myself and knowing I’m but frail dust, I must accept my dustedness and know that it’s ok…. to let the med (hopefully!) work. And an opposite word (more or less) to your word that I keep seeing is to DEHUMANIZE. And I hardly need to see that word in print, b/c I see evidences of this everywhere, and sadly, from a number of Christians and Christian leaders in how they are dehumanizing groups of people, precious souls made in the image of God. Breaks my human heart.

  2. Donna

    Well, I’m a month behind as it were. I’m still working on poems with my One Word. But slow and steady wins the race…LOL. I’ve always been a bit of a rebel.

    I am truly enjoying getting to know my One Word and its nuances in my life. Especially the ways the Lors is leading me to understand it.

  3. Jerralea Winn Miller

    I loved how you did your post this month – defining, using synonyms and antonyms. I might try that out for my One Word, warrior, but it will have to be a few days down the road!

    I do love the meaning of human to be kind and considerate. Seems like that is becoming hard to find in today’s world; nevertheless, I know there is more of it than we are led to believe.

  4. Horace Williams Jr

    Trust. To rely upon someone or something or to place your confidence in. Commit. Hope. These definitions remind me that there is no one better to put my hope in to have faith than my Lord and Savior. Especially balancing caring for my health and fulfilling God’s intended purpose. I know He will grant me the strength, courage, and wisdom to do His will. So, I’m committed to trusting Him even when I cannot see everything.

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