Enjoy the Word through Scripture Memorization

What Words Do You Hear?

Choose what you pay attention to. One way to change our hearts is through our minds.

Memorizing scripture is a spiritual discipline we can use to make that journey from head to heart. Spending time with the Living Word through his written words can be transforming. It builds relationship. It honors the Lord.

Time invested with God will last forever.

Resources to Memorize Scripture

Do you want more resources to memorize scripture?

I’m sharing about memorizing scripture at the 2018 Enjoy the Word online Bible conference. Here is a downloadable PDF with some resources I’ll be sharing there and want to share with you here.

Resources for Memorizing Scripture_Lisa Notes

More Tips

For more resources, see Tips and Resources for Memorizing Bible Verses.

Here you’ll find tips and resources for memorizing Bible verses and chapters, reviews on books about memory, lists of verses to learn, and more.


Memorize a Chapter in 31 Days

For resources on memorizing a whole chapter in 31 days, see Tools to Memorize a Bible Chapter.

At the end of 31 days, you’ll not only have memorized a chapter of the Bible, but you’ll have a working pattern to memorize any chapter or portion of scripture that you choose.


* * *

Here’s a sneak preview of my session at the conference.

Do you have a favorite memory verse? Do you have a favorite Bible chapter (memorized or not)? Please share in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Enjoy the Word through Scripture Memorization

  1. Marva | SunSparkleShine

    Hi Lisa, it looks like I missed the conference but the resources you share here are already amazing. I’m bookmarking, pinning and passing it along to friends. Thank you for encouraging us to hide God’s word deep in our hearts!
    Blessings to you.

  2. Lesley

    I hope your talk at the conference went well. It sounds really helpful! Psalm 91 is one of my favourite chapters. I memorised it years ago, though not intentionally! I was in hospital, waiting for some tests and it was the only thing that would keep me calm so I read it over and over. I can still recite every word now!

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