Week in Review and What’s Next {26 Surprising Ways to Encounter God, A-Z}

Where did you encounter God most strongly this week?


In our series this past week, we encountered God through these six exercises.

  • Hearts
    Let God use heart shapes around you to remind you of his love for you.
  • Intuition
    Have you ever known something in your gut without anyone telling you? Some things aren’t explicitly taught, yet God slips them inside us anyway.
  • Jobs
    How meaningful is your work? Is there more ministry in your job than you realize?
  • Kisses
    Our lips aren’t only for talking and eating. But also for loving. Use your kisses to connect the God-in-you to the God-in-the-other.
  • Loneliness
    If you feel lonely, ask God where he wants you to go with it. Reach out to someone? Spend more time with him? Make peace with it?
  • Mirrors
    When looking in a mirror discourages us with aging exteriors, let’s remind ourselves of ever-renewing interiors. God is in us. Nothing is more stunning.

Reflect today on the encounters you had.

Pray about how you’d like to encounter God more in this coming week. I’ll have suggestions ranging from N–Now to S–Storytelling.

* * *

Where or in whom did you see and touch God this past week? Please share in the comments.

Coming up:

  • Monday–Saturday, Encountering God from N to S


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