Each Type on Their Day Off and Week 3 in Summary {Enneagram Series #22}

Is Saturday your day off? What plans do you have?

See if these thoughts about your day off fit you for your Enneagram type, from Sarajane Case at Enneagramandcoffee on Instagram.

On your day off enneagramandcoffee

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Summary of the Week

Below is a short recap of the Enneagram articles from this week.

Week 3 Enneagram Summary

If you want to learn more about the Enneagram, see these five articles from week 3 in our series, “The Enneagram for Spiritual Growth: 20 Ways to Practice the Enneagram.”

#17 Are You a Thinker, Feeler, or Doer? Enneagram Triads & 3 Practices 

Triads Enneagram

Spiritual Practice #11—Practice stillness, solitude, and silence.

Are you more of a thinker, feeler, or doer? See which Enneagram triad you belong to and the spiritual discipline to practice it.

#18 What’s Your Connection Style? 9 Prayer Practices for Each Enneagram Number

Connection Styles Enneagram

Spiritual Practice #12—Pray intentionally with rest, consent, and engage.

Find your connection style using the Harmony Triads of the Enneagram. Discover a unique prayer practice according to your Enneagram number.

#19 Is Your Social Style Annoying? 9 Ways We Manipulate Each Other

Social Styles Enneagram

Spiritual Practice #13—Exercise these positive changes for the compliants, the withdrawns, and the assertives.

Look at the three social styles (stances) on the Enneagram. See how we manipulate each other and how we can stop doing it.

#20 What’s Your Coping Style? Choose Your Response

Choose your response Enneagram

Spiritual Practice #14—Choose these healthy responses, one for each type.

What’s your coping style? Do you respond logically, positively, or emotionally when troubles come? Know your Enneagram style to choose appropriately.

#21 3 Survival Strategies – Subtypes of the Enneagram

Enneagram Subtypes

Spiritual Practice #15—Try these three Christian prayer practices: Centering Prayer, the Examen, and Welcoming Prayer.

What’s your go-to survival strategy? Being alone, meeting up with a crowd of friends, or spending one-on-one time with someone special? Learn the subtype for your Enneagram number.

Did you learn anything new about yourself this week using the Enneagram? Please share in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “Each Type on Their Day Off and Week 3 in Summary {Enneagram Series #22}

  1. Amy Jung

    I thought it was interesting that I fit so clearly into a subtype—self-preservation. When I am having a hard time, I need to be alone. I very rarely seek out social interaction with one or more people. And I definitely notice if there is food upon entering a room! 🙂

  2. Anita Ojeda

    I loved the posts on survival and response styles. This series has been so enlightening! Thank you so much for putting all this good stuff together—one of these days I need to real all of the books you cite.

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