When You Can’t Control the Timing

I’m a clock-watcher. I almost always know what time it is, regardless of what I’m doing.

But we can’t live by the clock. We can’t really even know what will happen in the next thirty minutes.

How do we cope with the uncertainty of not trusting time? What do we do when we can’t control the timing of our lives?

We have to place our trust in something else.

Read the rest here: When You Can’t Trust Time

Can't trust time

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I’m writing today at Do Not Depart about trusting WHO when we can’t trust WHEN.

Will you join me there?


4 thoughts on “When You Can’t Control the Timing

  1. April

    Oh yes, it is so true that when we keep our eyes on the Who, then the when just really fades. I’ve had many times the “when” consumed me but that leaves us with the enemy snatching away our peace. I am so thankful that I am able to trust in God’s timing. It may not always be easy but in the trusting it build my faith stronger in the One that holds time. #destinationinspiration linkup

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