Can I Have Yours, Please?

She was born this January.

As expected, our new granddaughter was beautiful and sweet and the best thing ever.

But the problem was location.

I dreamed of the same proximity for us that my kids had with their grandparents.

But that’s not our reality.

It reminds me of this story from the Old Testament book of 1 Samuel (read the whole thing in 1 Samuel 4-6; it’s a crazy story!).

When I want what you have but God didn’t intend it for me, it will fall flat. Like Dagon.

Read it all here.

Can I Have Yours?

* * *

We’re connecting our own stories with Old Testament stories this month at Do Not Depart.

Will you join me there for the rest of this story?

2 thoughts on “Can I Have Yours, Please?

  1. Lauren Sparks

    Oh, distance from family can be hard! Our grandkids have been 30 minutes away for 4 years but are moving across the country for residency now. 🙁 Visiting you today from the faith n friends link up.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      My heart hurts with you, Lauren. 🙁 My s-i-l is in a similar situation. She hopes that one day when the residency ends that her grandkids will move close again. Blessings to you!

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