But God, What If…? Another Tool to Love Better

But What If. . .?

I’m in the car. Chicken tortilla casserole and a lemon pie are resting hot and cold respectively in the backseat. I’m looking forward to seeing my newborn great-nephew and delivering the meal.

Except for one problem.

I have a runny nose. I’ve had it for a week. I’m 99% sure it’s just sinus drainage. I’ve had a bad season of allergies. I’ve been fully vaccinated against covid for weeks now.

But what if it’s not just allergies? What if it’s more?

I want to help my family. But I don’t to make a newborn sick.

The uncertainty of what if can wreck my good intentions. I sometimes have great plans to love well.

But the what if’s often step in and hijack it all.

Trust God More Than His Answers

When I take my what if’s to God, I sometimes get clear answers.

But more often, I don’t get the clarity I want. I have a hunch God wants me to trust him more than his answers.

But in this situation with the baby and the food, God gives me a solution. It’s a solution I wouldn’t have thought of 18 months ago. But now it’s an easy and ready option.

Put on a mask.

Many Ways to Love a Person

Before the pandemic, I’d rarely worn a mask (not counting the hard plastic Halloween masks of my youth). And I certainly didn’t have a stack at home, washed and ready to wear, available for any outfit.

But now masks are just another handy tool we ordinary people have on hand, ready for easy use whenever we have a doubt.

I pop on my mask, take in the food, and ooh and ah over the baby. I still don’t hold him; I don’t get too close.

But at least I’m not afraid that I passed along a germ that could be harmful.

There are many ways to love a person. We have more options than we realize. I’m thankful that wearing a mask when needed is now another way to show love to each other.

Thank you, God, for helping me with this what if. Now how about those others on my list. . . .

With my One Word this year, I’m learning that God has more to show me if I’ll stay humble, giving him the UNCERTAINTY of my what if’s, instead of jumping to the same old conclusions.

What has God taught you lately? Share in the comments.

28 thoughts on “But God, What If…? Another Tool to Love Better

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      It’s a lesson about my relationship with God that I need reminding of often. It’s about God himself, not just his gifts of answers or clarity. Thanks for stopping by, Sarah.

  1. Lesley

    I love how God led you to the solution. It’s true, there are so many different ways we can love people. This is a good challenge to ask God about that and to be open to his leading in different situations.

  2. Betty J Draper

    I have a< "what if< list a lot. God usually can get me out of my list and into His mind so I will know what to do, that is, if I am listening and not bent on having my way. Blessing Lisa, you always give such good advice through your writing. thank you.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Thanks, Betty. You make a great point about hearing better if we’re not bent on having our way. Too often I think I already know the answer before I talk to God about it; it prevents me from hearing him as clearly.

  3. Lois Flowers

    Ah, Lisa … we tend to want that one sure answer, don’t we? As you point out, that’s not always possible. But what a blessing it is when we silence the what-ifs and consider what we actually have right in front of us (in your case, a handy mask). I’m glad you were able to make that food delivery and get some more use out of your supply of washed-and-ready masks. 🙂

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      And I got to use my mask again this week when I finally returned to the dentist! ha. They still require wearing a mask at all times except for when they’re working on teeth, naturally. 🙂 It’s not time to put them away just yet.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Yes, I was thinking that just this morning in regards to babies. We would never ask a baby to explain how they were born or anything else, yet we try to figure God out when it’s equally as impossible. I want to trust him more and more.

  4. Jean Wise

    Such a great example. It is amazing how not so long ago none of us even had masks lying around , let alone stacks of them at home, in the car, my coat pockets and purse. I have lots of what if’s running in my head in this time of discernment over several issues. Though they invite me to consider options and consequences, also I sense to trust the process and things will become clear. One decision has already evolved that way just this week and I am sure God will show us on the next one. Have a super weekend, Lisa

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I’m glad you had clarity on a decision this week, Jean! It always feels good to clear away some of those what-if’s. I’m currently in the midst of a heavy one, and it’s been hard to sit still and be patient as I wait for discernment on the right next move. I want to just move forward at all costs, but that doesn’t feel right either. So I wait.

  5. Donna

    Lisa, I love the way you worked through this. God wants us to love others and has a solution for these uncertain situations we find ourselves in. Except we often default to rigid thinking in things have to be a certain way to communicate love, and we end up with an “all or nothing” attitude. Thank you for showing us just because love looks diferent sometimes doesn’t mean it’s any less love.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      That “all or nothing” attitude sometimes seems easier because it’s so clear-cut. But it’s often not the answer that God is directing me to. Sigh. I’m currently waiting for clarity on an issue that has been troubling me deeply; I’m not sure the best way that love should act. But I trust God to help me, one step at a time, in the midst of the uncertainty….

  6. Michele Morin

    I try to remember to give God credit for those answers that “pop into my head.” This was a good one—as is your reminder that uncertainty is part of life for all of us (as are masks!).

  7. Corinne Rodrigues

    So much wisdom here, Lisa. I’m often torn about some decisions even though they might seem small, and it’s so important to remember that we can tap into the Source of Infinite Wisdom!
    Given how bad things are in India, my husband and I have chosen to continue wearing masks to protect ourselves and others. There are times we even wear double masks!!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I pray we never get callous over here about how bad covid is in India; may we continue to pray for all the places where it is still so out of control. 🙁 During the worst months here, I often wore double masks as well. It certainly didn’t hurt anything and could only help. We are seeing upticks every day even in the States of the unvaccinated being hospitalized with covid. It’s heart-breaking when we all have such easy and free access to the vaccines here.

  8. ~ linda

    Oh, Lisa, I have so many “what ifs” yet when I remember Who is in control and knows all, those two words turn into “God is in charger here.” I am so grateful when I trust Him with my all.
    Your uncertainty and my decreasing actually dovetail rather well with one another.
    loving you, ~ linda

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      It is definitely reassuring that we can rely on the God of the whole universe to help us with our what-if’s! I don’t always take advantage of that as I should because of my own stubborn, independent streak; such a shame.

      Yes, I love how our words do dovetail this year! My path is blessed to cross with yours in any way it can.

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