Before You Get On With Your Day
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Honoring time requires embracing certain truths: that time is precious and time is plentiful.
– Laura Vanderkam

I shouldn’t be doing this. It’s a Friday morning, 8:15am. And I’m still in bed.

I decided to solve another Sudoku puzzle from the NYTimes website instead of getting up.

My husband Jeff is already up. I smell cinnamon rolls cooking in the kitchen.

I have things I want to be doing today. Granted, I’d already finished the pressing things on Thursday. I’d worked hard during the week. I was extra tired by Friday morning.

But . . still here, still in bed . . . I’m now also eating cinnamon rolls.

I make the comment to Jeff, “Just one more cinnamon roll before I get on with the day.”

His response to me changed everything: “Maybe this IS the day.”

Of course. This is the day.

And this is how I’m getting on with it.

Do you struggle, too, with the notion that taking a break on an ordinary morning is sometimes the perfect way to spend a day (or at least a morning)? Share in the comments.

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When I read Ashley’s post about letting go of “shoulding” ourselves, I immediately related. And I thought back to my morning in bed. I’d told myself that morning I “should” get up; I “should” be productive; I “should” have already worked out, eaten breakfast, made the bed.

But sometimes we need to quiet our “shoulds.” At least evaluate why they’re popping up in the first place.

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Why We Gotta Stop Shoulding Ourselves and Others

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12 thoughts on “Before You Get On With Your Day
—Grace & Truth Linkup

  1. Aritha

    The same here on the other side of our world. I’m tired from the week and my new routine. Yesterday, I had a bit of rest (I was alone in the house, how nice that was).

  2. Lynn

    I love having space to just “be” — no agenda. And when I do that, I’m refreshed and creativity is inspired. “Shoulding” on ourselves only leads to a distressed mind; not a refreshed soul! It’s a lesson I have to learn over and over again.

  3. Donna Reidland

    Lisa, I think we all need one of those days once in a while … probably a lot more often than many of us take them. But I personally find it hard. I’m always yearning for a few days to get away somewhere with nothing to do but read and write but I rarely allow myself that freedom to do that at home. I think we tend to have a works mentality even while we proclaim the gospel. Sigh!

  4. Barbara Harper

    I had a similar experience yesterday. At the time I usually head to the shower, I felt like scrolling through reels at my desk. I wrestled with myself about whether I was taking a needed break or wasting time. I still don’t know. 🙂 All I could figure is that it was the first day in a while that there wasn’t something on the agenda. There are always things to do, but nothing had to be done that day. So it was nice to just enjoy a few moments of relaxation, basking in the freedom of the day.

  5. Trudy

    I love your husband’s response, Lisa. I totally agree with what Lynn commented, too. Too often that “shoulding” mode does depletes us and we so need those times to just “be” to refresh us. Love and blessings to you!

  6. Lynn Severance

    I love being on God’s agenda for the day – perhaps easier as I live alone. There are days when ‘we’ have things to be done away from home. There are days what I need to accomplish is within the confines of my home (and often at the computer). And there are times He has told each of us to ‘come away and rest in green pastures’. We come to know our bodies and its needs but we also need time for our souls to be refueled in whatever way that is for each of us. Actually that can be most important so we are refreshed to ‘do’ the other that can take up lots of time and energy.

  7. Paula

    oh boy, I can’t function until I’ve had my “morning” nap. having fibromyalgia comes waves of fatigue so I run on naps. Lol. I get what you’re saying here.
    visiting today from G&T

  8. Tea With Jennifer

    Cinnamon rolls in bed, bliss! Yes, I get what you’re saying here Lisa.

    Something that has taken me a lifetime to learn! And if want until I couldn’t ‘get on with my day’ that I realised this truth.
    blessings, Jennifer

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