Be Creative to Know God More

We pick up rules before we have a chance to question them.
~ Ellen Langer

This Is What?

What is this?   [* answer below]

(a) wet/dry sander
(b) cigarette roller
(c) miniature dog sled
(d) bacon press

This object sat before us on the table. We were playing the Liar’s Game. Four people were taking turns to explain—confidently but contradictorily—the object’s name and its use.

But only one definition was true. The crowd would vote which one was correct.

We didn’t know we were practicing mindfulness.

Creativity Is Mindful

Are you creative? Then you’re also mindful. So says Ellen Langer in chapter 7, “Creative Uncertainty,” in her classic book Mindfulness.

Much of creativity comes through asking questions, looking for new ways of doing things, and finding unusual uses for usual objects.

But creativity dies when we automatically accept the status quo.

When I travel, I pack clothespins. I know I’ll need to play “What is it?”.

  • Didn’t eat all the popcorn? The clothespin becomes a bag clip.
  • Book won’t stay open on the beach? The clothespin is a page holder.
  • Curtains don’t meet to block outside light? The clothespin is a curtain closer.

I long to create. It’s part of being made in God’s image. It’s part of knowing God more, showing Love more.

If I fail to exercise the creative part of me, I fail to be in touch with a part of God. And I want to touch all of God that I can.

And I need you too as well. Because I can’t see all aspects of God on my own. Neither can you.

We can see more of God together than we can see alone.

Let Your Creativity Breathe Out

When asked how he found his melodies, the composer Johann Sebastian Bach said, “The problem is not finding them, it’s—when getting up in the morning and getting out of bed—not stepping on them.”

As God breathes creative expression into your soul, nurture it.

Don’t smother your creativity.

Maybe you won’t compose piano masterpieces or paint great works of art, but you can:

  • approach old problems with new solutions
  • find beauty in everyday objects
  • see God in the person beside you

Or maybe you can even publish a blog post to the world.

We each can create.
We each can be mindful.
We each can share a new angle of God with each other.

Be creative to know God more

* What was the object above?

(b) My grandfather’s Brown and Williamson Cigarette Roller

Did you guess it correctly? How do you practice your creativity? Share in the comments.

For more on this topic, I recommend Ed Cyzewski’s book Creative Renewal: : An Invitation to Make Stuff and to Stop Clicking Stuff (and right now it’s free on Kindle Unlimited!).

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6 thoughts on “Be Creative to Know God More

  1. Joan (Jo)

    Good morning, Lisa!

    I love this! It is not often that creativity is spoken or written about concerning getting closer to God. But, God is the most creative of all, so what a wonderful way to get close to Him! Look at what He made… His imagination is incredible! Should it be a surprise that He instilled creativity in His creation, too? No! 🙂 Your post is encouraging me to express myself and my love of God in new ways. I pray that as I do so, He pulls me closer and closer. Thank you for sharing this today!

    Blessings, Jo

  2. Lois Flowers

    Lisa, I thought the object was a sander. 🙂 Now that I know what it really is, I’m guessing it’s much smaller than it appears in the picture? This entire post reminds me of my younger daughter … her creativity and problem-solving personality constantly inspire me. I appreciate your words on a morning when discouraging thoughts about blogging have been going through my head. Hugs, friend.

  3. Martha J Orlando

    I did guess that this was some kind of old-fashioned cigarette roller, Lisa. Imagine that?
    Yes, I always feel closest to God when I’m being creative or letting my mind roll through random thoughts/ideas. We so need to stay in touch with that aspect of our lives.

  4. Paula Short

    Lisa, at first I guessed a sander then I thought it has to be a cigarette roller. I’m expanding my creativity more and more. God touches us all with something and sometimes more than one. Love this message my friend.
    visiting today from Let’s Have Coffee #19&20

  5. Jean Wise

    Well didn’t guess right. What a fun yet very wise post! Never really correlated mindfulness and creativity. that is so true. “Much of creativity comes through asking questions, looking for new ways of doing things, and finding unusual uses for usual objects” I love this statement too – simple yet clear. I am reading Ideaflow where researches found in creativity – quantity is more important than quality. Brainstorm hundreds and thousands of ideas and the best will appear. Now that’s creativity!

  6. Lynn

    “And I need you too as well. Because I can’t see all aspects of God on my own. Neither can you.” Oh, so true! May we never under-value our unique way to express our creativity. Nor squash it from life’s busy agendas. May God’s creative agenda for our day be our top priority!

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