Meet the Answer to Your Prayer


It doesn’t happen often.

But when it does happen, you don’t forget it.

Several weeks ago we knock on AG’s door. We don’t know her well. She is rarely able to answer our knocks.

But this week AG is troubled enough in spirit and well enough in body to open the door.

We chat. Then ask if we can pray before we leave. Her situation is dire. She says please.

We pray.

We leave.

God doesn’t leave.

Weeks pass. Each week knocking, each week no answer.

Until last week. The door opens again. But it’s not AG.

It’s a lady in scrubs. She smiles and we peek in to see AG in the corner. AG doesn’t look well in body, but she looks happy in spirit.

Remember when you prayed for me?” AG asks.

Yes, I remember.”

Then she points to the lady in scrubs: “Meet the answer.”

I turn to the lady. We all smile. “What a beautiful answer.”

Sometimes we pray and God seems to delay. So we pray again. And again.

And maybe we’re still waiting.

But other times we ask and God answers quickly. AG said God answered our prayer the next day.

God had hung around. He made things happen.

He sent the lady in scrubs to AG.

He answered in human flesh.

He sometimes answers that way. He likes working through physical bodies, yes (John 1:14)?

  • We can see those answers.
  • We can touch them.
  • We can talk with them.

I like those answers.

We don’t always meet a face-to-face answer to prayer.

But when we do, it’s a beautiful thing.

* * *

What’s a recent prayer you’ve had answered? Please share in the comments.

28 thoughts on “Meet the Answer to Your Prayer

  1. Valerie Sisco

    I love this! You are so right that God answers our prayers sometimes not in the timeframe we’d like but if we keep watching, he is faithful to show us something we overlooked or as you experienced, the answer you were praying for! I love that – it encourages us to keep praying and not give up for the answer might be on the way!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Thanks, Valerie. I do love when we are awake enough to see God’s answer. I’m sure he often gives me answers that I’m not aware of, so when I am aware, I want to give him praise for them!

  2. Trudy

    This is beautiful, Lisa. I love how God answered prayer. It especially struck me how God never leaves. He is always everywhere, working to make things happen. Thank you for sharing this inspiring answer to prayer! Love and hugs to you!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I’m so grateful, too, that God never leaves. Often I pray about something and then never think of it again (which, in one way, can be a good thing!). But God never stops working on the problem. He is so good!

  3. Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours

    I love the assurance that God never leaves! For some reason, as I read this post today, I felt overwhelmed by the question: “Is there someone for whom God wants ME to be their answer to prayer? Am I listening? Am I available—or too distracted/”busy” to notice God’s promptings . . . or even my surroundings?”

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Yes, what a great perspective, Susan. WE are often the face-to-face answer that God wants to use, if we’ll let him. I know I let an opportunity slip by yesterday because I just didn’t want to deal with someone, but I might could have been the answer to a prayer. 🙁 Grace, Lord, grace.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Yes, God is so good. And sometimes it’s really, really obvious. I saw AG again last night and she so much better. She said her aide has been very good. I also saw Joe–he is out of ICU, back home, and doing well. Another answered prayer!

  4. BettieG

    Hi Lisa,
    What a beautiful testimony of God’s Answered Prayer! And I love how He not only let you know that the prayer was answered, but that you met that answer “face-to-face.” He has answered so many prayers in each of our lives, but so often we don’t take the time to even realize it! Your post stirred up so many memories in me, and brought such encouragement to me as I read this today. Thank you!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Yes, I was so glad not only to hear about the answer, but to see her. It was a special blessing. I got to see AG against last night and she was doing so well!

  5. Rosanna@ExtraordinaryEverydayMom

    What a lovely testimony of God’s answer to prayer! I think it’s so easy to forget/not notice God’s answers to prayer in our lives. My husband owns a semi truck which we pay someone else to drive, (just a side investment for us) however the last guy quit to spend more time with his family last year. Try as we might, we couldn’t find another driver so it sat. As you can imagine, that’s not the best for income. In March, after a little prayer, God answered and we got another driver who has been working out beautifully. I’m thankful that God provided an answer to that prayer.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Thanks for sharing this testimony to answered prayer, Rosanna. I’m glad God sent a good driver your way! We have a truck driver in our neighborhood and while I notice when the truck is there, I need also to notice when it’s gone because it means they’re likely making money! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. God is good indeed.

  6. Michele Morin

    Lisa, even with all your book-ish ways, you still manage to let the Lord fill your life with people. I notice this because, of course, it’s something that I need to work on. Thanks for putting yourself out there so that God can use you to make things happen in the lives of those in need.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I appreciate you saying this, Michele. Given my natural tendencies, I could spend all day inside my house, just happy to be here. ha. But I know big blessings come through interacting with other people (and I do thoroughly enjoy that, as well as need it). Blessings to you, friend, for encouraging me.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Thanks, Joanne. I appreciate when God is so visible with his love for us. I *know* his love is always with us, but it’s especially affirming when we see him working in big ways. 🙂

  7. Heather

    I had a friend who witnessed to and prayed for a mother and son at a Christmas event– and despite her efforts, she left that encounter feeling all was lost. It was a few months later my friend ran into a relative of that duo that happened to mention how her nephew (the son!) had given his life to Christ after that experience. God was gracious to show her the belated, but beloved answer to that prayer! It just gives me chills whenever she tells it ♥ God is good even when we can’t see.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Oh wow! That’s a wonderful testimony of God at work. Thanks for sharing this, Heather. I love the phrase you used: “the belated, but beloved answer”. That’s worth remembering because yes, “God is good even when we can’t see.” He is always at work on our behalf.

  8. Diana

    My children are the answers to my prayers. I had to wait patiently while praying without ceasing. God showed up mightily, and today I get to touch my answer every single day.
    Even when I couldn’t see it,God saw what He had planned for me

    Diana (

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Children are one of THE most precious answers to prayers, I agree, Diana. Thank you for mentioning that truth. We have so many, many ways to interact with that answer! And to be that answer in their lives as well.

  9. Debbie Kitterman

    Lisa this is such a great reminder that the answers to our prayers may not come the way we expect, but in fact they do come! I love how you say God never left – He hung around and got the prayer answered and encouraged AG in her spirit. Love this! Thanks for linking up with #TuneInThursday last week. Hope to see you tomorrow too.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Thanks, Debbie. I saw AG again last night and she’s still doing well with her new aide. It warms my heart every time I see it, and it reminds me of how good our God is!

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