Another Psalm 23


1 – I have a guide—I don’t walk alone.
He not only knows my needs, he fills them.

2 He knows when I need rest and when I need activity. When I need retreat from reality, he gently pulls me aside to quiet, lush places, and watches over me while I sleep.

3 He fills my time with restorative things that heal my soul. He knows when I’m tempted to walk away from his best, and calls to me from behind and before to follow him instead, for my own good and for his plans.

4 – In times of trouble, of conflict, of trials, of pain, he never lets me walk alone because he knows I would be afraid without him. He stays by my side and fills me with his peace, with his comfort.

5 – When relationships cause me anxiety or sadness, he shows me that he loves me, and always will. He loves me so much that I can’t even grasp it.

6 – Each day, one day at a time, day after day, he gives me good things and helps me be good. He grants me forgiveness each time I hurt him and others, and he tells me over and over that it is okay, all is well between us because I will always be safe in his hand. No one and nothing can snatch me from his protection and deliverance and salvation.

Forever and always, the Lord is my shepherd, and I shall not want.

* * *

Flipping back through an old journal from 2005, I found this. Psalm 23 has always been one of my favorite psalms.

Do you have a favorite psalm? Do you ever rewrite it in your own words?

Please share in the comments.

11 thoughts on “Another Psalm 23

  1. Bill (cycelguy)

    My favorite is Psalm 37, especially the first 7 verses. Verse 5 is my favorite “go to” verse. I have never tried to write it in my own words. Sounds like a good project some day though.

  2. Michele Morin

    Definitely Psalm 103.
    Yes, I find myself putting it into my own words as I pray it back to the Lord — his “benefits” are so numerous!
    Love this post, and also the one with your reading list.

  3. Elizabeth

    I love this much loved Psalm in your own words. Sometimes familiarity does breed contempt, and reading it in a new translation or writing it in our own words helps us to see these beautiful truths in a fresh way.

  4. Barbara H.

    I have to admit I almost never do it. I guess I tend to think I can’t improve on or express it any better than what it says, but need to remind myself it’s not about “improving on”it — it’s about thinking through and applying Scripture. I love how you’ve done so with this one.

  5. Carrie, Reading to Know

    Mine favorite psalm has long been Ps. 71. I seem to frequently find myself in places where God’s protection is needed as well as His sustaining grace. This psalm, more than any other, has encouraged me to press on!

  6. David

    Nice idea. I’m about to start a second pass through the Psalms and writing a Psalm in my own words will be a good way to work out why the poem moves me.

    Psalm 23 is a bit over-familiar over here I’m afraid. I think it’s been turned into a rather dreary hymn. So it was nice to read your fresh version! 😀

    Favourites? Too many.

  7. Beth Werner Lee

    So timely for me today, thank you Lisa! I’m coming over from Bonnie’s.
    Favorite Psalms, yes, rewrite? No! I’d like to, what a good idea. Love love love how you’ve done Psalm 23 and am soaking in it today.
    Psalm 1, 8, 15, 19, 24, and that’s just in the first 30! What about 121, 139, and the Beth portion of 119? I can’t answer your question fully, I guess. But that gives me an idea for a future project. I had a suggestion once to read 5 a day, on the day: 1, 31, 61, 91, 121 on the first of the month and so on. For months with 31 days, that’s when you read 119! Maybe a good month project for my blog when I can write on it again?
    I’m so glad you’re here, and writing, Lisa!

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