A – Alone {26 Surprising Ways to Encounter God, A-Z}

“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.”
– Wayne Dyer



God’s presence is one of his greatest gifts to us.

We often are aware of his presence in a crowd.

  • At church, we worship him with others.
  • Through other people loving us, we feel him loving us.
  • As we serve other people, we participate with him in ministry.

But God asked Moses to come alone to the mountain to have their most intimate encounter yet (Exodus 24:1-2).

So we, too, must be willing to be sit with the Lord alone.

Try This

Practice today being alone with God for 5-10 minutes.

  • No people.
  • No pets.
  • No books.
  • No music.
  • No phone.
  • No laptop or paper.


  • No expectations.
  • No wish lists.
  • No whines.

Just God and you.

And discover that you’re never really alone after all.

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Is it hard or easy for you to be alone with just God? Please share in the comments.


8 thoughts on “A – Alone {26 Surprising Ways to Encounter God, A-Z}

  1. Beverley

    Remember your divine identity is the message that God gave me today. I try and spend some time every day with just Him and me. Some days it is better than others and i come away comforted and some days i come away feeling even more alone.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      That’s a message that we all would do well to take to heart: “Remember your divine identity.” Sometimes we let it get knocked out of us. But may the Lord always bring it back! Thanks for sharing your heart, Beverley.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I love how God made us all so differently. I’m probably half and half about preferring to worship alone versus with a crowd. And then I have other friends who always prefer being with other people. We all can help each other grow I suppose!

  2. David

    This is a good way to prepare for the day, and doing something like this regularly seems to being God closer the rest of the itme too. My difficulty is not drifting off and fretting about something else. Practice.


    1. LisaNotes Post author

      That’s my difficulty, too, David. That’s how I feel about meditating. I don’t do it every day, but on the days I do, it really takes a lot of self-discipline to try to keep my thoughts from running all over the place. I still wonder if I’m doing it wrong. 🙂

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