4 Prayers About Politics

Have an opinion on politics this year?

Do you know who you’ll vote for? Or if you’ll vote at all?

Here are 4 things to pray about during this political season, regardless of your political party. 

It is possible to stay spiritually hopeful through this election cycle.

4 Things to Pray About Politics-Do-Not-Depart

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Join me at Do Not Depart to talk about countering our fears, cynicism, anger, and worries during this election season.


5 thoughts on “4 Prayers About Politics

  1. TC Avey

    I read your post and it’s spot on.
    I’ve been praying for this election like never before. In fact in Oct I have a post I will share about what God is teaching me about this very topic and God has brought me to many of the same scriptures.
    Thanks so much for encouraging others.

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