When You Can’t Fix the World, What Can You Do?
—Grace & Truth Linkup


It’s been a pleasure to co-host the Grace & Truth linkup alongside Maree, Tammy, and Lauren the past few years. But on October 27, I’ll pass along the baton as Lauren and I step down from co-hosting. I hope you’ll continue to link up with Maree at her blog and Tammy at her blog every Friday! I’ll still be linking up, too.

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“If you’re stuck on a problem, try solving it at a different level.”
– James Clear

I can only take it in small doses. I want to read enough to stay informed.

But if I see too much about the wars around the world, my heart can’t take it. Especially when innocent children are involved.

What I know is that it’s sad and hard and confusing.

And that I can’t fix any of it.

When we get overwhelmed by world problems out of our control, what can we do?

We can scale it down. We can ask ourselves:

  • What is within my control?
  • At what level can I do some good?
  • What’s an action I can take here and now?

We can’t solve everything. But we can work on some things.

  • Maybe we can’t create a ceasefire in Israel and Gaza.
    But can we bring peace to our workplace?
  • Maybe we can’t unify the divisions in our country over politics.
    But can we befriend someone in our neighborhood who votes differently than we do?
  • Maybe we can’t eliminate an issue in our marriage.
    But can we work on our personal response to it?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the world’s problems. But don’t give up hope. We can do something.

Start with ourselves first. Then move to interpersonal relationships. Then we’ll be influencing our fellow humans around the planet to be a little softer, a little more grace-filled, and a little more loving.

By zooming in closer, we can do this.

What practices can you implement today on your own level? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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9 thoughts on “When You Can’t Fix the World, What Can You Do?
—Grace & Truth Linkup

  1. Linda Stoll

    oh I will miss you hostessing, Lisa. and yet I admire you for knowing when to move ahead. the blog world seems to be shaking up a bit, redefining herself. i’m in the process of readying myself to get brave and step out of my comfort zone. but we don’t do these things lightly, do we.

  2. Lynn

    Any steps of kindness in our daily actions can have a ripple effect that goes way beyond what we can imagine. You’ve reminded me how focusing on the goodness we can give may not stop a war, but it is still purposeful and necessary to love as we are called to love!

  3. Joanne Viola

    The news can be so discouraging. And yet, I find it pushes me to hold onto the Lord all the more deeply.
    Thank you for hosting, Lisa. These blogging connections have been a blessing and you will be missed! Blessings!

  4. Paula

    Lisa, I will miss you, but on the other hand I won’t because I’ll still be visiting with you.

    I feel what you’re saying about what can we do. something that helped me these last few weeks was: In prayer I found myself asking Jesus what my prayers could do, I’m just one person. But then I thought of all of you, my blogging friends, then other Christians around the world whom I don’t know. It got me thinking that maybe while I’m just one person, the impact of All of our combined prayers can accomplish? Then I got to thinking about that mustard seed, you know the one. while we all hope we have the faith of that mustard seed, again combine our mustard seeds even in prayer, and he will move mountains. Even if we can’t see it clearly yet.

    Also, I don’t watch the news. I’ll read to see what’s going on then I let it be. Jesus said to be informed but I don’t think he wants us stuck , I don’t want my being stuck to take my mind away from him.
    visiting today from G& T
    {{Hugs}} xo

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