Surrender to the Moment: 5 Little Things to Give Up

Are You Ready to Surrender?

We dream that in a moment of dramatic testing, we’d be the one to take the bullet. To make the sacrifice. To surrender ourselves to save others.

Yet we get angry if someone squeezes in front of us in traffic?

Sometimes the small tugs of war are the important ones. It’s the little things that more often test our resolve to die to self and live for Christ.

How did Jesus do it? How did he turn himself inside out, lay aside all the privileges of royalty, and live in our kind of skin instead (Philippians 2:6-7)?

Jesus surrendered to the Father in the moment. Each moment.

But that was Jesus. We’re not like him. How can we ordinary people exercise the discipline of surrender in our ordinary, daily moments of life?

This is how: Because even though we’re not God, we’re made in his image. And we’re filled with his Spirit. That’s a strong identity. That’s a lot of power.

By taking one moment at a time, we too can learn the art of surrender.

Our grand moment of surrender is always this one.


5 Little Things to Give Up in the Moment

Here are 5 little things we can practice giving up, anytime, anywhere, to gain the gifts of surrendering to the moment.


In that discussion with your partner, eliminate a few of your own words and listen to more of theirs. Surrendering the desire to be understood and to get in the last word can make a joyful difference in the climate of your home. Marvel at the self-control Jesus used to keep quiet when necessary (Mark 15:3-5).


That harried mom with the whiny toddler? Let her cut in line at the grocery store. Or make room for that speeding maniac to merge in front of you in traffic. By surrendering your place in line—literally and figuratively—you practice putting others before yourself. Releasing the need to be first is an act of freedom (Galatians 5:13).


Sometimes we hesitate and wait for overwhelming confirmation before we’ll step out in faith. But rarely will you have total clarity in the moment. Peter didn’t have time to analyze the water temperature and buoyancy levels before he walked on the water to Jesus (Matthew 14:29). Surrender your desire for perfect vision and trust God’s grace in the moment.


Winning the prize for “Miss Independent” isn’t a trophy you want. Practice humility by accepting help from others. Exercise selflessness by giving help to others. Even Jesus did nothing by Himself (John 5:19). Moments with others are valuable for joy.


It’s easier to surrender to the moment if you can let go of the future. Instead of insisting on a specific outcome, be open to the uncertainty of the future. You can’t control it anyway. Remember that God will still be with you once you arrive in the future, too. Staying present in this moment is enough for now (Matthew 6:34).

Little Moments Are Big Moments

Maybe the little things are big things after all.

When we surrender to the moment, being aware of Jesus with us right now, we gain peace in the process. That’s huge.

Maybe these little moments, even this very moment, really are the biggest moments of all.

What “little things” are hard for you to surrender on a daily basis? What helps you give them up?

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13 thoughts on “Surrender to the Moment: 5 Little Things to Give Up

  1. Renee Open

    I know this truth as important to building character.
    Thank you for sharing this on the #Anythinggoes link party. I needed this wisdom today.

    I shared this post with my friends list.

  2. Lynn

    I am definitely in a stage of learning about being uncertain of the future and giving up the clear answer! Life is journey of learning to let go and let God, isn’t it?

  3. Maryleigh

    You are so right – those little moments are big moments! With my nest emptying and new, healthy boundaries being established with these grown up sons – I am learning to withold my opinions, to not have the last word (and let prayer do that). While I am not giving up the clear answer – I am letting God work on it in them. I’ve learned a lot in the last 10 years about letting God and letting God – I’m still learning but it’s getting easier!

  4. Wemi Omotosho

    Great tips Lisa – thanks for sharing. I’ve made a note of each one. “Instead of insisting on a specific outcome, be open to the uncertainty of the future” – this one is especially hard to do at the moment but your next words remind me that I’m not in control anyway and God has got it all under control.

  5. Michele Morin

    I am so guilty of standing behind a hymnal and singing “Take my life and let it be consecrated, Lord, to tjee…” while holding tightly to some small decision. It’s clear that the poured out life happens one drop at a time.

  6. Jeanne Takenaka

    Ahhh, Lisa. Each one of these resonate with me! Learning to live into each moment fully is a constant intentional choosing. There are times each day that I need to practice these. And, each of these does require humility and trusting God. I’m pondering your post as I head into my day.

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