Share Four Somethings—June 2022
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Near the end of each month I share four somethings with others at Heather’s.

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Something Loved


I love using the Waze app on my phone to give me turn-by-turn directions when I’m out and about. GPS apps have been life-changers for me.

But lately I love an added bonus: I switched to the “Headspace” voice option offered free by Waze. She still gives me the basic directions but she also tells me these things periodically:

  • “Enjoy the journey.”
  • “This is a great time for a deep breath.”
  • “Sometimes the journey takes you back from where you came.” (She says this when I miss my turn and have to backtrack.)

The soothing voice may be a small thing, but it makes navigating a little less stressful for me. 

Image: Headspace on Waze app

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Something Gleaned 


To invest in your spirituality, one of the tips in this book is to:

Nurture the practices of spiritual resilience.

It takes work to be resilient (see our featured post below from Donna), but it is possible even in hard circumstances. For inspiration, McLaren reminds us in the book (and gives lots of resources in the footnotes) to look back at our ancestors and neighbors who have shown resilience through the years.

“Their legacy teaches us to see each intensifying episode of turbulence as a labor pain from which a new creative opportunity can born. Life will be tough; the only question is whether we will become tougher, wiser, and more resilient.”

In my own current difficult situation, I look to the resilient women who have walked this path ahead of me and have remained strong and gracious in their spiritual journeys with God. 

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Something Braved


Granted, I’ve only taken step one—I mailed in my application to help staff our local polling places on election days here in Alabama.

But it took courage for me to do even this baby step. So I’m pausing to acknowledge it. 

I don’t want to lose our democracy, so if this is one small thing I can do to help keep it in place, I want to step out of my comfort zone and do it.

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Something Achieved


I’ve not been looking for a new friend, but I won’t turn one down if she arrives. Finding new friends in adulthood is not as easy as in younger years.

Shannan, one of my newer friends the past couple of years, met a new friend Cathy. She recognized Cathy and I had similar interests. So Shannan set up a meeting for all three of us to meet for coffee on a Sunday afternoon.

It was delightful! Shannan was right. Cathy and I do have a lot in common. I look forward to developing my friendship with both Shannan and Cathy. 

Grace & Truth Featured Post

Have you discovered the benefit of resilience when you’re in pain? Donna helps us value God’s presence in our pain so we can endure any prolonged suffering we may encounter (and we all will encounter some!).

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23 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings—June 2022
—Grace & Truth Linkup

  1. Calvonia Radford

    I love your point about looking to the ancestors as examples of resilience. I recently shared that with my daughter. Explaining that we stand on the shoulders of women who have endured hardship and inhumane punishments yet, they survived. Sometimes we need to tap into that history to gain some momentum.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Beautiful, Calvonia. Last week I looked up several people on my Juneteenth shirt that endured so much and yet survived and it really encouraged me. Their example of perseverance despite all they went through puts my much smaller challenges into perspective. Granted, all problems feel big to us when they are ours. 🙂 But history shows us that people have gone through horrendous things and we need to learn from them! A great cloud of witnesses indeed.

  2. Donna

    Lisa, thank you again for sharing my post! The book by McLaren definitely looks worth a read, it ponders the deeper things we tend to gloss over. Congratulations on making a new friend! I am not very good at that either, my introverted self becomes exhausted with the effort! But also I connect very deeply with people, whch takes time and intention to maintain!

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      Thanks for writing the post and linking it up last week, Donna.
      My introverted self can become easily exhausted even hanging out with with friends I know and love. 🙂 So making new friends isn’t usually on my to-do list. But I’m glad when it happens despite myself.

      And yes to your last statement too! I’d rather invest my time and energy nurturing the relationships that are most important than spread myself so thin that I miss out on intimacy altogether with any of them.

  3. Barb Hegreberg

    I’m proud of you for trying new things and taking the chance on a new friendship!

    I’m sorry that you are having some personal difficulties, I’m lifting you up in prayer, my friend.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I was proud of myself too for showing up that Sunday to meet the new friend. 🙂 I don’t like getting out of my comfort zone, but I usually find the efforts are well worth it when I do.

    1. LisaNotes Post author

      I agree, Megan. I’m actually reading a nonfiction book now called “MWF Seeking BFF” about a young woman trying to find a new friend in Chicago. I’m not on that quest, but it’s interesting to read about her journey. 🙂 I think many of us would relate to the roadblocks she found.

  4. Kym

    My husband uses the Headspace voice on Waze and I like it – I like using some of the sillier voice options, especially around the holidays. It does make driving a little more fun! Congrats on taking the step to work at the polls! I am hoping to work polls in November.
    Visiting today from SFS

  5. Lydia C. Lee

    Nice one on the new friend. Adding people to your circle always broadens interest and makes life more fun! I wonder if the WAze thing is to reduce road rage (as in why they implimented it?) #ShareFourSomethings

  6. Lisa Blair

    Thanks for the driving app recommendation, I’ll try it. The opportunity to build resilience is a great way to approach difficult situations. Congratulations on your step forward as a poll worker, and in your new friendship!

  7. Jennifer

    I wouldn’t turn down a new friend in this season of life either – what a gift!! I used to be a poll worker (before computers were involved!) and every time I vote, I consider that I should try it again. But have yet to take that baby step. Hmmm –

  8. Lesley

    I find driving quite stressful, so I love the idea of the calming voice! And that’s great that you found a new friend. I love when that happens unexpectedly. During lockdown, God provided a new friend for me. We still haven’t met in person but have chatted regularly online for over 18 months now and she has been such a blessing!

  9. Cindy Davis

    I agree, meeting friends is not as easy as when we were younger. It is something I am trying to change as I NEED more friends that actually live close to me. Congratulations on signing up to be a poll volunteer, that takes courage on so many levels!

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