Index – The Spiritual Practice of Welcoming


• Start by reading The Welcoming Prayer.

Welcoming Prayer

Live out the year practicing the spiritual discipline of welcoming.

Below is a schedule of welcoming one healthy practice a month, and letting go of one unhealthy practice a month.

It loosely follows the ten guideposts in Brené Brown’s book, The Gifts of Imperfection.

The Gifts of Imperfection


• Do You Welcome or Resist It? – Practicing the spiritual discipline of welcoming

Let go—What people think


“Welcome” – Have I Failed at My One Word Already? – Even when our guests are bedraggled and unwanted, even when they are us, welcome them anyway
• Your Advice + “The Guest House” by Rumi – A recap of encouraging comments left on the previous post
Silence or Solitude? – A weekend of silence and centering prayer at the monastery

Let go—Perfectionism


3 Ways to Have More Hope – Lessons on resiliency from Brené Brown’s book, The Gifts of Imperfection

Let go—Powerlessness


Where Will They Die? Not in That Tornado – Welcoming gratitude in a crisis is a choice
• The Circumstance Isn’t the Problem – The battle isn’t our circumstances; it’s how we view our circumstances

Welcome—Gratitude and joy
Let go—Scarcity and fear of the dark


• When “I Don’t Know” Is Good – The good side of uncertainty

Let go—Need for certainty


• Don’t Compare. Just Create. – Instead of comparing ourselves, let’s celebrate our originality instead
• 3 Reasons to Let Go of Perfectionism – Benefits from doing something imperfectly (including face painting) instead of saying no

Let go—Comparing


• Is This Fun to You? – The way we enjoy “play” is as unique as we are. What is fun to you?

Welcome—Rest and Play
Let go—Exhaustion and Productivity


Hit the Pause Button – In the pause, we quietly open our awareness to the Lord’s presence.

Welcome—Calm and Stillness
Let go—Anxiety


It’s Not About Looking Good; it’s about loving well.

Welcome—Love and Wisdom
Let go—Judgments and Negative Motivation


• Jobs and God – View your work as opportunities to partner with God.

Welcome—Meaningful Work
Let go—Self-Doubt and Supposed To


No Pride in Giving, No Shame in Receiving – When we have, we give; when we need, we receive.

Welcome—Song and Dance
Let go—Being in Control


Did Your 2016 Problems Go Away? – Lessons I learned from a year of Welcome.

Welcome—God’s Presence
Let go—My Knowledge

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