On the Blog—February 2022

Here are brief summaries and links to posts on the blog, Lisa notes, in February 2022.

  • 7 Books I Recommend—February 2022 (2/28)
    Here are 7 books I recommend from what I finished reading in February 2022.
  • This. Here. Now. (2/28)
    It’s good to use our imaginations. But it’s also important to stay grounded where God is present with us in this, here, now.
  • End Well (2/27)
    If you want to make the memory good, aim to end well.
  • Share Four Somethings—February 2022 (2/26)
    I’m sharing four somethings for February 2022. Here is something loved, something gleaned, something braved, and something achieved.
  • Let Go or Be Dragged (2/26)
    Learn when it’s time to release. Learn what it’s time to release. Let go or be dragged.
  • Why Do You Ask? (2/25)
    Instead of giving an answer, sometimes the best response to a question is: “Why do you ask?”
  • They Don’t Have to Understand (2/24)
    We will be misunderstood. If we let it, it can be an opportunity to grow in humility. They don’t have to understand.
  • Whatever Happens, We’ll Handle It (2/23)
    We’ll never be abandoned without resources of some sort. Depend on that. Whatever happens, we’ll handle it.
  • Love Matters More (2/22)
    Love no matter where. Love no matter how. Love no matter what. Love matters more.
  • One Word 2022 Linkup—February (2/22)
    Find three challenges to practice your One Word for 2022. Link your blog posts about your One Word.
  • Say Yes to This Moment (2/21)
    The small individual moments are actually the biggest moments of all. Say yes to this moment.
  • The Greatest of These Is Love (2/20)
    Faith and hope are things within us. But love is something we give outside us. The greatest of these is love.
  • You Are Never Alone (2/19)
    The presence of another person (and of God) is a true gift. You are never alone.
  • This Is Not the End (2/18)
    Life never truly ends. It just changes into something else. This is not the end.
  • Don’t Believe Everything You Think (2/17)
    Listen to what you say to yourself. But don’t believe everything you think.
  • Make the Memories Good (2/16)
    Today’s experiences become tomorrow’s memories. As much as it depends on you, make the memories good.
  • Oh, Well. So What? (2/15)
    Do we have to take everything so seriously? Maybe we should say more often, “Oh, well. So what?”
  • You Don’t Have to Finish Today (2/14)
    Give yourself permission to stop for the day if your project isn’t time-sensitive. You don’t have to finish today.
  • Book Review: Good Enough by Kate Bowler (2/14)
    It’s okay to not be okay all the time. Here is another great book by Kate Bowler: Good Enough.
  • Focus on the Highest Good (2/13)
    What is your ultimate goal for today? Focus on the highest good, not just the practical surface goal.
  • Presume Goodwill (2/12)
    When possible, give each other the benefit of the doubt. Presume goodwill. It’s better for everyone.
  • Take One Step (2/11)
    Sometimes taking just one step is enough for now. What one step can you take today?
  • Is Is True? Is It Helpful? Is It Kind? (2/10)
    Do your words pass this test: true, helpful, kind? Without these, your words may just be noise.
  • It Is What It Is (2/9)
    Accepting “it is what it is” can better position us to receive healing and to grow forward.
  • Tell Something Personal (2/8)
    Sharing something personal can foster humility and bring us closer together.
  • Empathize with the Hurt (2/7)
    Empathize with the hurt that needs healing. Sometimes that’s what matters the most.
  • I Don’t Know (2/6)
    Unless we can say “I don’t know” more often, we may never know. There’s always more we don’t know than what we do know.
  • Bad Things Happen to Everyone. So Do Good Things. (2/5)
    Do you think bad things happen only to you? They happen to everyone. But so do good things.
  • That’s Interesting. Tell Me More. (2/4)
    When you get stuck in a conversation, practice saying, “That’s interesting. Tell me more.”
  • See Everything. Forgive Much. Judge Little. (2/3)
    Everyone deserves to be seen, and to be given grace, because none of us knows the other’s full story.
  • Even This Will Change (2/2)
    Don’t get too settled here with the way things are, whether good or bad. Even this will change.
  • Just Show Up (2/1)
    Never underestimate the power of your presence. Telling yourself to “just show up” can give you enough courage to put your body where it needs to be.

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