Learn A New Fact About Your One Word
{One Word 2023 September Linkup}

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You and your One Word 2023 have been together for 9 months. You’ve likely learned a lot from it.

But is still there more to learn during the last quarter of 2023?

Of course!

Look up your One Word on Wikipedia or a resource of your choice. See if you can discover 2 or 3 new facts about your word.

  • What’s a new fact you learned about your word?
  • Does it change how you view your word? 
  • Does it gives you a new idea for practicing your word? 

For my word HUMAN, this is what I learned.

  • New fact (to me):
    Humans are also among the best long-distance runners in the animal kingdom, but slower over short distances.
  • How it changes my view:
    It gives me a greater appreciation for a human’s ability to endure something for the long haul, and less concerned that we may be slower than we’d like in the short run. 
  • New way to practice Humaning:
    Give more grace to myself and others when we’re slow to change. Imagine how much a situation or person can grow over 10 years (for example), instead of focusing on 10 days, 10 weeks, or even 10 months.

We want to know if you find anything new or if it confirms what you already know. Leave a comment below or link any of your own One Word blog posts. 

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7 thoughts on “Learn A New Fact About Your One Word
{One Word 2023 September Linkup}

  1. Lynn

    I love your insights this month on “human.” I didn’t know that we could run the longest long distance of any species. Why do we want to get changing faster, when running the long distance has us experiencing more “landscape,” I wonder? Something for me to ponder today.

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